Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Tweaking needed.

Please, I beg of thee: comment my stuff.


I'm all up in your bases,
killing your men,
'cause I'm a super sonic playa
and it had to be done

I got me a ride,
shootin' down fiddy
t'ain't be miles
as me bro's packin' twenty

Me dog's in the side,
tongue in the sun
if you shoot him, mothafucker
be the last thing you done!

t'millimeter in hand,
is a straight niner son
mess with me bitch
and I'll show ya my gun

up against the wall
at the end of the street
gimme a reason -
jus' t'give you some heat!

I'm cleanin' me gun now
and dancin' in blood.
Die you SOB,
so we can get this race done

San Andreas may be over
but WoW's just begun!

*gun shot/tire screech*

*flippant wave*
Bye now, WG calls.


Its a rap.

Tell me what you think, pl0x.

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  1. What the hell are you doing posting this at 2 in the morning.