Tuesday, October 20, 2009



As I am unaware just how much traffic this site gets, I'd like to know what my readers think of my posts. Please comment your questions, insults, criticisms, whatever. I'll be happy to answer any flames or misled death threats with a flying shark to the offendor's face.

Enjoy the site.

- Duckie.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sittin' and strummin'

before you read this: I'm aware that alot of songs are supposedly based on passed events or somesuch crap like that. HOWEVER, mine are usually scenarios I dream up to write a song about. Yay. I'm unique. What a joy. What a bore. Next question.

Comment me, please.

sittin' here all alone
just me and my guitar
just the two of us
s'you walked out on me
took the car and bags
and the kids and my heart
left here all alone again
just me and my guitar

aimless strummin'
well it don't get me far
strung out on the chords again
echoes in the dark
my life goes on around me
rythmically the beating starts
my heartbeat keeping time
while I strum on my guitar

the lines are disjointed
my lyrics are broke
what have I to say here
that can easily be mispoke
emotion torn asunder
and ripped from its binds
if I could ask for one thing
'closure' is on my mind.

without you in my life
I can't write about it
or talk it out loud
when I think about my feelings
words and meanings fail me,
but when I hum a simple tune
the chords that drift in time
remind me that life goes on

and theres someone out there for me.

So whilst your sitting there
listening to my heartfelt tale
about love lost and songs made
The sweat and blood and tears
Is it all worth it?
We've asked for years and years.
To each his own I say
you'll find out on you own
if theres someone there for you

and my god, thats enough.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life in a box

Here lies the dedication to the poem known as: Life in a box

Removed in the hopes that the publishing will go ahead smoother.

Look for my book "Skirting the Edge" in retail stores.