Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Year...for what?

I used to have people commission a rant...why? because they needed one, perhaps; or maybe a fight had erupted with their parentals/guardians/teachers/friends - who knows?

In any case, New Years spurned some thoughts ((and a very morbid discussion)) and since I was entreated to stay out of it:-


"Life sucks, and it will never get better. It will change, but it will never get better."

Once upon a time, I used to say that too. Every night I'd be drinking my sorrows away, or at least attempting too. Its a little hard to when alcohol just burns going down and does next to nothing else. Ranting and raving, these people, my friends, have entreated me to leave them to their depression spurned on by the New Year.

"Happy New Year" - a text message that they despise, brings them no joy and forces their thoughts lower into the ground. Another year, each as bad as the last, and apparently steadily getting worse.

"Happy Birthday!" - another year gone, where they imagine everything that has gone wrong, where they have failed. How can they be happy if they do not truly believe themselves capable of it?

"Merry Christmas!" - These people, that I kept company with, on Christmas, the holiest of days, the epitome of Christianity and a family time of love and giving - traps these people. Love no longer fills the air, but tension, tempers stretched close to breaking, stress mounts with each passing moment, and all stuck in the middle is the poor person, weighed down by the guilt, ((even if they had nothing to do with it)) that this is his/her doing.

These kids, young folk, trapped in their minds with the thoughts of their problems, failings and misgivings, does them no good. It does nobody any good. Their families can only sit and watch as they waste away, with no idea to what ails them. How can they? A teenager or young adult is not the sort that will say "This is my problem, but I wish to brood over it, please leave me be." No. Their suffering is palpable, and yet parents, friends, society immediately denounce them as attention seeking and emotionally unstable.

The masses ignore the problem, expecting it to go away, but to what point? They ignore the people, fellow citizens, who don't just harbour issues but real, full-blooded questions about what the use is of life.

For so long, they batter away, convincing themselves that they're a failure, or correct to the point of shattering at a negative vibe. These people, YOUR fellow humans, need help. They need it, require it, crave for it - however subconciously, but in this world, they firmly believe that they aren't going to get it.

Besides, whats the point?

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