Sunday, February 28, 2010


Here lies the dedication to the poem known as: Pieces

Removed in the hopes that the publishing will go ahead smoother.

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Thoughts, Questions and Answers

I don't usually deal in answers, cause sometimes its never read. But theres always a time for everything, and now I feel its gotta be shared. Unfortunately for all that are listening, my dribble of words have an echo of rhyme. This isn't my fault, you understand, its just the way I communicate. Without words, I can't show how I feel, (unless its in person, but some people just don't accept hugs. They have good reasons, too!)

You said to me, "does this make sense?" Do the thoughts I hold within my mind make sense to those around me? Can anyone understand the path I've trod, or do I prefer they never did... Tell me, does this make sense:

She, you, she said, To love is to risk not being loved in return. I say, that to repell love is to risk not loving in return, to avoid it is to become a husk, a pale shadow of who you ought to be. She said, I'm sick of being heartbroken. I could never promise I wouldn't hurt you, at least, I never would do it on purpose, but I can promise I'll be there to pick up the pieces, I can always be here for you, despite not being there now. To hope, she muttered, is to risk getting let down, my hand is here to help you back up, all you need to do is take it, a little humility makes us human. And, she wavered, I'm sick of being disappointed. A shoulder to cry on, is what I can offer, a hand to hold when the going's get tough, to clench and squeeze if thats what you're after, I'm here. I'm here for you. To trust is to risk getting hurt, and I'm sick of the pain. This life cannot be lived alone, to hermitize yourself hurts more in isolation than to risk your trust to fragile, fickle people. It is the strong of will, and caring lot, that you can throw yourself among. They can catch you, and keep you tucked away from the horrors of life outside. They, we, can do this. All you have to do is accept the help we can offer you.

To try, she said, To try is to risk being a failure, At this, I wished I could be there for her, regardless of consequence or what tomorrow would bring. I couldn't say a word to prevent her from saying further and I'm sick of never being good enough. Never believe that you aren't good enough. Never think that you don't have what it takes. You've come this far, and if need be, I can carry you the rest of the way. Regardless of what others say to you, or what you believe, know this: You're way beyond good enough... you're too good. I wish I could hold the strength you do, but as I don't, I can just be your glue. Pick up the pieces one at a time and fit you back to how you ought to be. Some things don't need to be uttered, only thought inside one's head... but there comes a time, when you come to find that sometimes its best, if you say nothing at all. I understand. I'm still here to help.

That is all.
Wish I could have said this before you logged off though -.-'