Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Old. Still relevant. Read. NOW.

After having googled several of the Harry Potter cast and crew, I eventually rolled round to Clémence Poésy (Fleur Delacour) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger). Now, my google (and the rest of my computer, I must add) is outfitted with many firewalls and precautions to ensure that no explicit text or pictures get through the barrier.
Thus, imagine my surprise when, after hitting SEARCH, the first thing I see is "I hope Emma Watson does Playboy when she's 18." Not only was I burning with rage that this was posted in Google, a site that many young children use, but also that this debate had still not died down after it was created at least five years previous. Now, I know we're too late to save Daniel Radcliffe from this nudity thing, but the least we can do is support Ms. Watson
Now, when this debate first reached my computer, back in 2004, I was astounded that Ms. Watson's loyal "fans" would resort to pressuring the poor girl into positions for their sick sordid pleasure. I apologise to any out there that take comfort in amusing themselves with the same substance of media, but this is an absolute outrage! I can not believe that this is still happening.
The first thing I did when I saw this, was to deliever a cutting, intellectual opinon on the matter. Unfortunately, the only thing that came of it was to be blocked out of the site. As it happens, the webmaster didn't WANT a somebody to reject his opinon on the matter, he just thought he'd round up a bunch of people...no, not people, Monsters, that would support him. There was another site that I managed to get into, complete with voting channels and everything. As you could only vote once, I was sickened to discover that out of over a million hits to the site, only roughly 400 people opposed the idea of Ms. Watson posing for photos when she became of age. (That's 18, not 17, for all you HP inclined fans).
Just recently, however, as I was browsing the websites, I came across three sites where I left my mark, two of Ms. Watsons and one of Ms. Poésy. However, as I knew that being a young fan that is still, regrettably "underage" (which is inconceivable, due to this Era), that I could very well be thrown off yet another site, as during the first debate I used my real name and age (stupid, I know). If any of my 'readers' care to leave their marks, you will notice my posts by the alias (will soon be engraved into my dogtags too, not kidding) Moriarty Matheson.
Please, for Merlin's, Ms. Watson's and every celebrity that has been pressured by the general public to appease to their fans twisted requests, PLEASE join the fight. It may not be our Final Battle, we may never be thanked, but we know that we have done some right in this world.

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