Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nonsense song. Monkey Song.

just a nonsense song I came up with while trying to write proper music for a different composition :P


Lost and alone, on a desert island
nobody around to help me.
maybe its a spiritual test
or some kind of emotional baggage.
but baby I wish you were here
right now with me.

Because all I have right now,
is this little monkey.
But maybe its a chimpanzee,
or maybe an orange-tan,
doesn't matter much, because he can't speak
why couldn't he be a man?

what is this prime ape doing staring at me?
What did I do now?
can something else go wrong?
first the plane, then the boat,
what can happen next?
why is a prime ape staring at lil ol' me?

maybe I could find him a 'nana
maybe I could hit him with a brick
anything to stop this monkey's creepy stare.
maybe he's just lonely
maybe he's lost too.

but I think, maybe, I should put on some pants...


good? no? comment please :D
oh, and here's my rendition of it:
no sleep. no food. no water. purposefully looking like a hermit... yeeeaaah.... (Oo)

Y must the blind man be unloved?

I was listening to Don Mclean at the end there, so you might notice I quote it in the story.


X: "Wow... can you believe this view?"

Y: "I can only imagine."

X: "What? Its right there!"

Y: "...I'm blind..."

X: "Ah. Shit, I feel like an asshole now."

Y: "Nah, its cool, you didn't know."

X: "Still... um, have you always been blind?"

Y: "No."

X: "Well, do you remember anything in particular?"

Y: "I - well... yes, I do. Two things, really."

X: "Too personal to ask what they are?"

"One should be right here, at this spot, two hundred slow paces south of the middle "walkway" down to the town beach, there's a small knoll behind us..."

X: "Yes, I see it."

Y: "At night, the stars over the beach, the cool waves rolling and splashing merrily and the surf glistening below, out over the horizon, I could see the sails of ships reflecting the light from the riverside shops. The white sails contrasted brilliantly with the deep navy blue of the night's sky. I could see small crabs scuttling along the beach, sifting amongst the seaweed and driftwood, and scurrying around with little care to the going-ons of humans. I loved the beach at night. So quiet, so simple, so relaxing... It still is, in fact... I just miss the scenery so much, watching it, I mean."

X: "Oh. The sun is setting behind us now."

Y: "Beautiful, isn't it?"

X: "Yes, what was the other thing you remember?"

Y: "I remember... her."

X: "Her? Girlfriend, wife, lover? Who?!"

Y: "Just a friend, a good friend, the best in fact... but just a friend, none-the-less."

"What do you remember?"

"I remember the way she smiled, how it would just light up her face whenever she saw her friends, whenever she danced, sang, caught the scent of something tasty, whenever she was doing something she loved... her smile would brighten my day too. Dancing was very important to her, watching her move was like... it made the most graceful swan seem sluggish and clumsy. She brought a whole new meaning to graceful, yet strong. I can remember her spinning around with another friend, laughing and having a great time."

"Does she know what you think of her?"

Y: "No. She never noticed the way I looked at her; sure she noticed me, but I was always just her friend, I was watching them and enjoying it just as much from the sidelines. They weren't so close that my eyes would flicker between what I was watching, I could see it all as a whole. Watching her hair wave in the slight breeze as they spun around lazily; her eyes sparkle and shine as she laughed so infectiously. I remember her sitting, hunched over, waiting for her turn to dance, I sat so close to her, listening to our mutual friend - her dance partner - regal us with funny stories and jokes. Her intelligence and wit, her kind, caring countenance, the light spattering of freckles on her face... she was beautiful. Purely and utterly beautiful... and I love her so."

"And she doesn't know, how could she not see that?"

Y: "...would you date someone who was blind?"

X: "I..."

Y: " I know how lonely life can be..."

X: "How... how have you lived 'till now with that knowledge?"

Y: "I don't know. She's like... my sunshine... my only sunshine..."


You make me happy when skies are grey,
you'll never know dear,
how much I love you,
please don't take my sunshine away...
*music fades away*

I like that song.

The idea for this story struck me over the easter weekend, Easterfest was pretty boring and I really needed something to preoccupy myself with. Ta-da! :D