Saturday, June 27, 2009

Y's life story

I walked through life, head down, unseen,
straying from the path and hiding away,
I stepped cautiously, kept my face well turned,
so the world would ne'er recognise mine features.
I played all alone, my friends were there... and yet not,
they kept me company though I longed for more.

I paced outside the room, awaiting my fate,
detention, suspension... dare I say it, exclusion.
Cast away again, and again, the loner, the lost.
For fear of the masses he huddled in the corner,
hoping and praying that someone would help him.

I walked through life, head down, unseen,
'till I tripped and fell, pulling a young lass down with me.
Stammering a s-s-sorry, I helped her back up.
Averting my eyes, mine face was all warm,
a feeling I'd not felt at all came to pass.

Was this... hope?
She let me sit with her friends, and we talked.
And we laughed, and we played and we danced.
And my friends were there, and real.
I had longed for so long, and here was I,
included and wanted, a loner no more?

But good things come to an end, my friends.
For come one fateful day, when the sun shone bright
in a clear blue sky, not a cloud in sight.
How ironic, that the worst of things happen
on such a beautiful day, fair and sweet... like her.

For as I rode my little bicycle on the gravel paved street,
Going quite faster that I ought to have done.
For I was a-racing to catch up to her, to get ice-cream...
When a lorry, a truck, an automobile, I know not what.
Shot out of the shadows and plowed down the road.
With a screech and a bang, I did fly through the air.
my last thought and last sight was her.

So I sit, all alone, tapping once, twice,
three times total, on a slate at my feet.
I hear them whisper, I'm blind not deaf.
I hear their stories, of abuse and betrayal,
of God's Will and Devil's plunder.
They know not what I have learnt and lived by.

"Goodnight, gorgeous." I tap my cane,
and turning to stride down the street.
Crisp night air be damned.
Though she may not know it,
I'll love her forever even if SHE is blind to ME.


It kind of follows on from my blind guy conversation... like... a backstory... y'know?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, for the love of Merlin, Tell me what you think!! gaaah.

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