Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Romance is a lost art...

Saturday, Aug 16, 2008 - original posting

How many people do you see walking along the beach, shoes in one hand, feet drenched by the surf, hands clasped together with those of their loved ones?

How many couples do you see on a lonely mound doing naught but gaze at the stars and the wonders they hold?

When has anyone watched the sun sink below the horizon or rise for a brand new day whilst staying snug and warm in a lover's embrace?

How many men arrive at the door to greet their date, on time, well dressed and with a rose in hand?

I see none. I frequent the beaches at night, and stay at times until dawn, and I see not one romantically attuned male. Not even one. I see animals, I see fish, I see trees, birds, the ebb and flow of the tide and even the odd boat, but never a romantic lad. I see people at night, doing nothing but reverting to a beast like status whilst they ravish their comapanions. It sickens me that nobody holds true to the old customs of 'courting'. Anything romantic has been tossed aside as the years progress like its something to be ashamed of. It is said that we are evolving, is romance as it is left behind in the dust a savage notion? Is it something that marrs the very esscence of what it is to be human? Does nobody see that by giving up romance that the general idea is that two people hook up, spend the night and leave? One must get to know the other first! Spend time with them, learn about them, focus their intentions on them and only them. But it is not to be so.

Dates that are made on a schedule, set and primed, the lady spends hours making sure everything is set and perfect for her night out with her companion, only to find it cast aside in favor of the football or somesuch. Must we lose all knowledge of good clean fun - of romance, dating and courting as it was intended? Or must we sink to the level of beasts and putrid notions of grandeur by car style and beer?

This world sickens me. I'd be better off a hermit.
Or better still, I can re-introduce it.


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  1. I agree, kiddo.

    Romance should come back. Personally, I'm sick of being treated as meat. Women should learn to treat themselves as human, rather than let society tell them to be common whores.

    It's just hard because as females, we never feel we're good enough. Maybe if we had this make-up, this dress, maybe then we'd look good. I don't know many people content with who they are. I'm certainly not.

    This world is pretty messed.

    It's good that someone's not afraid of speaking out about how they see it, what they think is right.

    Good work.

  2. *shrugs* I try my best.

    Most people don't take me seriously when I act immature in public, so when I send them here, they get a wake-up call to the person I really am.

    'sides, even now, the world isn't ready for so much confrontation. by that, I mean it wouldn't be able to learn and adapt accordingly.

    Sometimes, I wonder if the world at large will ever be capable of such a feat.

    Oh, and thankyou :P