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Northern Chicken or the Southern Hemisph-Egg?

Wednesday, Oct 22, 2008 - original posting

By the first "chapter" in the bible, Genesis, to be exact, (assuming that it is correct) that evolution is not the only reason for people wandering the earth and all the other goings on. Not to mention that the Almighty God put some nice people on the world at the beginning of Time, I had a thought...

Picture this: An abyss, nothing...not a star, not a sun, not a clod of dirt, a splash of water, a breath of air or a spark of fire, in fact not even a single solitary cell of any shape, form or use. Nothing reigns over all, and in turn, All reigns over nothing, as if there is nothing, and all of nothing would be nothing also... complicated...ain't it?

Anyways, the world was created relatively early, on the first "day", actually, and then the bible goes on to state what else was created like Light, among other things. This was all well and good, except for one small error: Time Zones. Think on it, the Southern Hemisphere, is one day ahead of the Northern Hemisphere, so wouldn't that mean that a whole day went by before both were created, OR does it simply mean that they were both created at the same time...

Either way, look at it from a scientific point of view, (religion and science CAN mix, deal with it. Now don't interrupt my train of thought) if the globe we call Earth was made in two parts, judging that one is behind the other, and thus not created on the same day, then wouldn't that mean that the core of Earth would have cooled, or the seas drained into space, or the air sucked out?

Perhaps an easier way to look at this would be to wonder who has the story wrong? Is it humans of the modern era, reading the Bible, and filled with an urge to prove it or disbelieve it? Is it the way in which the story was scribed, by lost authors unknown? Who knows? But my question still remains: Which Hemisphere did God make first, the one ahead, or the one behind?

Northern Chicken or the Southern Hemisph-Egg?

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