Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Love is leaving us

Sunday, Aug 17, 2008 - original posting

Romance is a lost art, we've discussed this earlier, but is Love going the same way also?
People like me and my friend Adam (romantics), are few and far between, we get tossed aside like a literary classic (shakespeare, The Notebook, Princess Bride, etc) for things with a little more crass and a lot less class: bad boys.

Explosions, beer, a cramped car cabin of "Dad's *insert flashy car name here*", these are the places where 'love' is consummated, instead of the romantic courtier's dream of celibacy until the wedding night. The world is a twisted degraded place, filled with the sexually immoral and emotionally (or otherwise) abusive bastards.

Love takes the back burner as lust reigns supreme. Marriage in the 21st century is usually done by teenage 'parties', or by someone who has been married multiple times before (you'd think they'd know by now).

The phrase 'you can do anything' has the potential to unleash hell when heard by impressionable people. An adolescent fueled by lust and hormones can use that phrase to spearhead a thrust (no pun intended) of sexual immorality...or something criminal.

Its sad, that society is so wrapped around the acceptance of adultery that they don't so much as blink when its portrayed in movies, magazine or advertisements (or god-forbid the 'net) that it teaches the younger sort that "monkey see, monkey do?" no. "monkey fuck, you can too!" even worse!

What is love? Does anyone under 45 know? The three words 'I love you' are uttered so much that it appears to have lost all meaning for those who actually FEEL something...instead of using it as a ploy to get a little bit further with the companion of the evening.

When someone says 'sex', what is the first thing that comes to mind? Now, forget what ever degraded base sexually thing you're drooling over...what SHOULD you have thought of? A loving, committed, appropriate-rings-on-left-fourth-finger marriage.

This world is a sleazy, flea-bitten, backstabbing, highly immoral and incomptent place.


written a loooong time ago... there's a vid of it actually in my earliest stuff on YouTube.
check it out...
or not.

either way.

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  1. Interesting. Very nice ideas, very well portrayed. Confronting, even.

    Nicely done.