Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Facebook Challenge

So, on the Tuesday night, I received a challenge from a friendly Residential Advisor (RA) in my building, for me to spend 24hrs off Facebook, and not post or comment or like or lurk or anything - as I'm rather well known for spamming updates (and even have a few groups and Pages dedicated to that fact) - starting at 6pm that night. There are several main reasons why I accepted:
1) I'm always up for a challenge;
2) I did need an excuse/motivation to learn lines/lyrics for an audition in a few weeks;
3) The RA? She's really, really attractive. XD
4) I was curious as to whether anyone would notice the lull in updates.

In my time off of Facebook, [A] I managed to learn an entire song, cues and dynamics included, "Reviewing the Situation" from Oliver! - the Ron Moody version. He's such a tops Fagin. Haha.
[B] I also spent a goodly amount of time lying in the carpark, staring at the sky and listening to the nocturnal wildlife, not to mention slowly being swallowed up by the fog bank that's always present around midnight in this area.
[C] Around 3am, I went back inside, watched a movie, puttered about on Twitter/Tagged/Bebo/Myspace/Google+.
[D] Made breakfast (noodles, porridge and mocha coffee... if you care) and went back outside to the car park to eat and watch the sun come up. Mostly because I could... and because I've nothing better to do (I'm on holidays, but still mooching about on campus in the residential buildings).
[E] That brought me up to around 8am, whereas I propped myself up against a concrete block in a park bay and greeted every passer-by. Including the attractive RA that started the whole deal (Google your name, see what comes up. This is why I keep things very... name-less)
[F] Worked out, slept, woke up around 4pm.
[G] Went to the store to pick up batteries, cordial (I'm making icy cups! :D), and some assorted bobkins.
[H] Ran into a friend on the way back, hung out for a short while, then stared at my laptop as this was now 6.12pm and I was able to go onto Facebook if I felt like it.
[I] Found out friend was on campus for a party. So I shut down my laptop and decided to gate crash the party. Got away with it too. Cause I'm awesome and everyone loves me. Trufax.

After spending 24hrs off Facebook, I came back to (only) 44 notifications. It should have been more but one of my older friends tipped folk off that I wasn't dead, and that I was doing a challenge. I know she meant well, the little old dear, but she did kind of kill the anticipated spam I was looking forward to. *awkward slanty face* In any case, I didn't rejoin Facebook until around midnight, except for a few short messages sent from my phone to the tune of "Nyerh... I don't want to be on Facebook for a while."

Which, for me... (Kieran of "Kieran's Spam", "Kieran should stop killing my notifications", "Kieran Evans should stop clogging up my home page") is a scary, scary notion.

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