Thursday, May 13, 2010

Twilight series rundown

As a committed member of the website featured here:

I feel it is my duty to inform you that Twilight is a literary failure, with faulty grammar, sentence structure, perception of reality and is overall a terrible series.

In fact, that one would find a role-model in Bella, who is whiny, shallow, naive and weak-willed. There isn't much information on Bella, she is never described in detail so that any fan can insert themselves into the book.

However it goes into increasingly sickening detail (page or so) about Edward. Case in point, that one would base their "perfect man" on the character Edward - is preposterous, insane, callous and downright disturbing.

The "man" is an entity that has lived for some hundred years or so all up, has a 'thing' for a girl of 17, who is a minor. This is *illegal* (Pedophilia). He is supposedly a member of the undead, this is also illegal on the behalf of Bella (Necrophilia). He has been recorded illegally entering Bella's room (Breaking & Entering) and watching her sleep (Peeping Tom). He restricts who she can talk to and be friends with. This is a classic signal of relationship abuse.
He furthers these signs by following up on her when she does talk to Jacob.

Edward is a borderline criminal, in fact, as he has already died, he is no longer a citizen of America, thus making him an illegal immigrant. If Bella's estranged father cared any mote about her, he'd have had Edward's entire family deported - they're all dead, they do not retain citizenry rights whilst being dead. Thing is, he doesn't know. They don't talk, apparently. Poor Charlie.

Come back to reality. Edward does not exist. He will never notice you. Neither will "RPattz", you are just another screaming fan. That goes for all the other actors/actresses and to all other fans.

Find someone who treats you right. Someone who treats you like a queen.

Not this half-hearted BS about a vampire who doesn't even suck blood...



  1. I'm so glad someones said it. Twilight SUCKS. And anyone who says differently is a screaming, whiny teenage girl. Also, RPattz is UGLY. Try, maybe, for a guy who isnt looking at his hair in a mirror half the time. Geez, I could write a blog on how much of an ugly tool that guy is.

  2. OH MY GOD! Thank-you so much Kieran.
    Finally, somebody that has the same perspective as me on this crap.
    Stephanie Meyer should be shot.

  3. I think i love you! Thank you for this!