Saturday, December 12, 2009


Here lies the dedication to the poem known as: Pearl

Removed in the hopes that the publishing will go ahead smoother.

Look for my book "Skirting the Edge" in retail stores.


  1. I quite like that. You're very discriptive (As usual >.< & it is morning so my response will probably be lame. I am so NOT a morning person. >.< & sorry in advance for lameness) but I love the description about the pearl in stanza 3. (Yay! Number 3!!!)

    I have absolutely no idea how you could possibly have gotten the poem idea from the songs I told you about, but hey, each to his/her own. :P

    But, overall - nice work. ^.^

    Imma go before I type up something stupid about me not having any jelly. I'm sooooo tired right now.

    But good work. ^.^

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