Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nonsense song. Monkey Song.

just a nonsense song I came up with while trying to write proper music for a different composition :P


Lost and alone, on a desert island
nobody around to help me.
maybe its a spiritual test
or some kind of emotional baggage.
but baby I wish you were here
right now with me.

Because all I have right now,
is this little monkey.
But maybe its a chimpanzee,
or maybe an orange-tan,
doesn't matter much, because he can't speak
why couldn't he be a man?

what is this prime ape doing staring at me?
What did I do now?
can something else go wrong?
first the plane, then the boat,
what can happen next?
why is a prime ape staring at lil ol' me?

maybe I could find him a 'nana
maybe I could hit him with a brick
anything to stop this monkey's creepy stare.
maybe he's just lonely
maybe he's lost too.

but I think, maybe, I should put on some pants...


good? no? comment please :D
oh, and here's my rendition of it:
no sleep. no food. no water. purposefully looking like a hermit... yeeeaaah.... (Oo)

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